I’ve been reading about Cherry MX switches for a few years now and never took the time to read up on what the big deal was. The only mechanical keyboards I’ve used were an old Tandy thing and a bunch of the Apple ][ boards at school. They were all obnoxiously loud, echoing things that I didn’t care for as a kid, but as a child I wasn’t much of a typist anyway so my childhood opinion shouldn’t matter much today.

What’s the deal with mechanical keyboards?

Cherry Switch Sampler Kit

Child Themes

This is documented in the Word Press Codex, but I found that page slightly confusing. First, using FTP or your cpanel file manager (I added a link because I didn’t know what cpanel was until I got an actual virtual private server) create a directory in your wp-content\themes\ folder and call it something like twentysixteen-child Second, create three files,… Continue reading Child Themes

First Post

I need a blog post before I can make a blog page to link to. So here it is.